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Ski Wear

Although there is a lot of equipment used in the winter sport of skiing, one interesting category is that of ski wear. This category includes anything you wear in order to stylize and guard from the harsh climate of the winter landscape. The wear can include some of the non clothing items like goggles and a face mask that are used to counteract some of the cold winds that you encounter while recreationally downhill skiing.

Goggles come in a few different visor formats. They’re sometimes divided between regular and over the glasses styles. The regular are tighter towards the face than the over the glasses style which will have a larger volume of space between the lense and your face to accommodate the space for glasses. In this way goggles, comprising a portion of ski wear, are dichotomized.

Lenses for ski goggles can be made into almost any color and are sometimes made to filter out ultra violet rays. The colors are typically black, silver, blue, green, and yellow; although as said they can be customized into almost any color. Some of the colors are used in different light settings. For example on a bright day with minimal cloud cover the skier might choose UV protection in a tinted black pair to help distinguish the landscape. However, on a low light day yellow glasses could be a preferable choice as they help to counteract the low light conditions making it easier to see the contours of the landscape. As shown, goggles are a portion of ski wear that help the skier combat the light conditions and guard the eyes from the severe winds.

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