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Ski Shop

One of the most useful places for a skier to browse for good and enjoy some local information is the ski shop. This shop can range from a full blown commercialized outlet store to a small scale hut that is located at the bottom of the run or canyon. Either way they will typically have a few things in common.

One advantage of a ski shop is their ability to repair and tune. For the skier this is important, because they can even out and shave down your ski making sure it will slide like a knife through the powder. Secondly, the shop can sometimes glaze or wax your skis or snowboard to be sure that it is not catching on the snow.

The accessories are another feature of a ski shop. They will typically carry a bunch of necessary small parts of a skiing. Occasionally, they will carry maps, compasses, chap sticks, or water bottles. They might also carry backpacks and rope for the more extreme skier. A fully stocked shop should also carry avalanche protection kits that locate the rider with an electronic signal, so that they can be dug out in the event of an avalanche.

Last, but most definitely not lease, a good ski shop will carry an abundance of information about the slopes nearby. A local shop should hopefully have some ski enthusiasts working for it that can give you information about the best places to find powder or to get a good bite to eat when you come down from the mountain. For all of these reasons, a ski shop is a great place to visit and to browse for the collection of goods, services, and information.

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