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Ski Gear

Ski gear can refer to some the more periphery items that enable skiers to practice their hobby.  This gear can refer to backpacks and all the things within them, as well as any other accessories that will enable the skier to safely indulge in their passion.

One item in the skier’s arsenal that they might not have known about is participation in the RECCO rescue system. This system uses a signal to pierce the snow beneath it for a reflection to the signal. A reflective patch, sometimes as small as only 4 grams, is put on most ski gear that the RECCO detector can pick up and warn the person holding the detector. This is useful if the person is buried beneath and avalanche and is in need of a rescue. This system is widely used in conjunction with avalanche dogs and a pole method and can greatly assist in the rescue of a person. The fact that it is just a reflective patch makes it ideal for any skier to utilize.

Another piece of gear that you could utilize is a skiing backpack. As with all backpacks this would enable you to carry more gear as you ski. You could easily bring a lunch with you and eat somewhere picturesque on the mountain instead of down at the base of the mountain where the views are good, but less majestic than the peak. They’re practically required in back country skiing, where a supplemental system to the RECCO rescue system should be used to responsible enjoy the sport and a meal and water are also typically desired.

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