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Ski Equipment

When skiing, it is important to have the proper gear. Since skiing typically is a faster paced sport that utilizes friction minimization and gravity, the result it a quick adrenaline rush. For this reason it is important to have the proper ski equipment to remain safe and to ensure a good skiing experience. Typically this equipment refers to any ski bindings, ski boots, and simply skis.

This equipment is made by a variety of manufacturers and has their own specific purposes.  When using ski equipment to denote ski bindings, two major concerns come into play. For downhill alpine skiing, the rigidity of the bindings enables more precise turns and makes sure that the effort or force you’re putting into the boots and bindings is accurately transferred into the ski. This is contrary to a sloppy level of tightness. The second is a safety feature that enables the boots to pop out of the ski in the event of a crash or biff into a snow bank. This helps to prevent injury.

Ski boots are typically hard and rigid with a method of bumps and ridges that enables it t lock into a ski binding. There are two primary features for the boot. One is warmth. Since skiing is cold, your boot should keep you warm as well as fitting to your specific foot size. Secondly, it is meant to immobilize your ankle, preventing twisting and turning which saves you from pain and suffering due to injury. The last part of ski equipment is the skis themselves, which are broken down into powder and pack snow skis. There are other forms, but they will be investigated later.


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