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The history of skiing dates back to prehistoric times in the Nordic region in the modern states of Sweden and Norway. The reason for its invention was skis are an efficient way to get around the snow. For this reason it has many different uses. Early on it was used for hunting and transportation, but as it developed the military also used it for the same reason. Skiing dates as far back as 5000 BCE, and there are many other BCE evidences to prove this, from cave scrawls to a ski found in a peat bog. Either way, it has grown substantially since then.

The modern incarnation of skiing can be found on almost every continent in the world, and nearly anywhere where snow, people, and tourism collide. Even in population dense areas like Japan, the acre intensive sport of skiing has found a foothold and has continued to grow. The modern American mega resorts of Colorado and some in Utah are indicative of a small village with five star hotel amenities as well as packages, movies, shopping centers and many different levels of living arrangements for those on a budget all the way up to those more extraordinary in taste. These location destinations will carry all manner of equipment required including ski boots and ski clothing.

There are many different types and variations of skiing, but when the general public thinks of skiing they will probably think of either alpine downhill skiing, or cross country skiing. On the alpine side, there are backcountry powder hunting excursions which are a little more extreme and demanding. On the cross country side there are marathons all the way to the Olympic level, as well as combination sports like the biathlon. In both cases, however, there are more casual levels that all age groups and skill levels can enjoy. For this reason, many destination resorts like those listed above will include instruction academies for all kinds and levels of skiing as well as rental shops, so that even the novice can participate in the spectacular sport.

Since skiing is inherently a winter sport, it is a cold and chilly sport. For this reason, additionally gear is required to enjoy it.  Coats, hates, snow pants, ski boots, ski clothing, gloves or mittens, face masks, and other accessories are required to be sure that your temperature does not fall during your recreational time. The gear, equipment, and clothing has been optimized over time and technological development to be sure that the modern equipment is more lightweight, more warming, and stronger that those the prehistoric Nordic people utilized.

Technology has greatly enhanced the sport from its ancient historical roots. Modern innovations in the physical chemistry fields of polymers, composites, and alloys are constantly churning out new materials that strength and solidify the field as cutting edge as well as safe. For instance, a new alloy patented as Liquidmetal has been used to make some of the best carving skis out there, while high frequency broadcasters and reflectors found in the RECCO avalanche rescue system save countless lives every season. For this reason, skiing, much like all other industries that have been heavily impacted by the technological boom of the modern age, has been an easier, safer, and therefore more fun hobby for all enthusiasts at any age and any skill level.

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